Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bad day?? I'm gonna murder anyone who asks me that Question

I reached home from my office at 10 PM. By the time I settled and had my din was 11. I was simply browsing 'My Idiot Box' and surprisingly, for a change it decided to show the movie I badly wanted to watch.

Then I remembered that I had an urgent meeting with the client at 10 o clock tomorrow morning. I was in a see or not to see. Then my devilish mind suggested "Hey...what the heck, day after tomorrow is a holiday, you can comfortably sleep on that day. Just watch!"

So I sat and watched the movie. Was entertaining. It was 1:10 am in morning when I went to bed. (I wanted to curse the whole lot advertising agencies for creating ads more than population of Earth, but I was in one, so didn't).

I was very sleepy, so it didn't take me long to go into deep sleep.
Just after a few moments of closing my eyes, in my mind flashed "Keep the alarm! Or you'll wake up have an urgent meeting with the client tomorrow!"

I opened my eyes to keep the see bright light outside the window. Fuck! It was morning already...and it was 8:45 am!!

I had just fifteen minutes to get ready. So I rushed towards the bathroom. And as expected, the water ran out. After a delay of another 10 mins, I managed to get 9:05 AM. No time to check anything, no time to make lunch. I made a tea hurriedly...coz I can't start the day without it, only to find the sugar jar empty. I just didn't have the time to go and buy it. So I struggled with the sugarless tea and sped off!

Half way, I saw the worst traffic of my life! "Why today of all days??" I thought. The reason for the jam was a truck wallah, who dropped mangoes on the entire breadth of the road in an attempt to make an impossible U-turn. It seemed like an excellent day to embrace extremism.

Reached office only by 10:30 am. The people I was supposed to leave with, were pretty mad already. But I managed to tone 'em down saying "It happens you know!!"

I parked my vehicle and got inside the car. We left hurriedly, with the driver speeding off like Narayan Karthikeyan. The client was very displeased with the creatives and was already glowing red. We reached there. Few minutes of argument with the client, we managed to tone him down(WHEW!)...then, just when everything seemed like going back to normal...the client made made a discovery and made me conscious of the fact, that I was wearing my T-shirt 'Inside out!!!!"

Embarrassing smiles passed, as I asked for the bathroom. Turned the dress inside out.....only to find, a big, nasty coffee stain the other side! I apparently picked a dress to wear, what I had put for washing! Damn me! Why didn't I put it inside the bucket to wash??

Felt it couldn't get any worse! Then in a moment of brilliance, I remembered my ID card. But would have to go back to the meeting room. I kept my hand on the stain, as if I'm about to propose to the client ( it felt awkward and embarrassing!). Reached there and asked Faisal to pass my bag. Wore my ID card and tucked it in such a way that it lied just above the stain. The client looked at me as if he was looking at a mentally retarded Copywriter. Thankfully, (rather the opposite) my Creative Head came to my rescue saying "The ID Card is very close to his heart" I was the butt of joke for the rest of the meeting.

A few people around me suspected of ridiculousness, when they saw my actions, but if they only knew what I was going through!

Then things seemed to go back to normal, but I wanted to go home so BADLY!

But little did I know that was just the trailer.

Reached office by the lunch break. The orders for lunch had already been made.

So I decided to go to a nearby hotel and at the same time buy a new T-shirt for me. So sped off.
Bought a T-shirt in my card. Changed and felt goood!

Then went for a lunch at a nearby hotel. Had a hearty lunch. Then started the other chain of disasters. I had ran out of cash! I usually do a check, but today had no time to do it.
The hotel won't accept a card and they won't let me leave till I payed, it became an awkward situation (screw all those hotels who don't think customer is God). What made the situation worse was that I HAD TO get back to office ASAP, to rework on all the creatives. All the designers were waiting for my ideas.

In a moment of desperation I picked my house keys and gave it to him saying "Look!, these are my house keys. I'm leaving with you. Just let me get some money from the ATM."
The guy agreed, so I sped off once again...only to drive almost 5 kms (screw all those hi-fi banks, with a dearth of ATM).

Got back to the hotel, paid the dude and sped off to my office....only to reach there by 3:00 pm.

Started my work, didn't even get a moment of breathing time. Due to all the dilly-dallying, I ended up staying late...was almost 11:30 pm, when I left the office. I feared for my life, coz the designers (who had to stay back due to me were seen visiting dangerous websites like '', etc etc...)

Started driving towards my 'home sweet home' to fix everything right. Then suddenly I 2-wheeler was running on 'reserve'. Nervous sweat broke. Considering all the extra-miles I drove, due to my sheer stupidity, it was likely I would run out of petrol pretty soon. I felt like kicking myself!

I decided to pray. It took me a minute to remember the name of Gods, but managed to say a strong prayer from deep inside my heart..."DEAR GOD! PLEASE LET THE PETROL LAST TILL MY HO...."

My vehicle died.

I got off the vehicle and started dragging. The innumerable petrol pumps in my way, had already shut for the day. Almost after dragging for 3 kilometers, I found a petrol pump. He won't accept a Card. I had exactly 15 Rs left. I guess that would buy me enough petrol to till my home. Filled my tank.

Managed to reach the home, I wanted to kiss the floor, when I was parking my vehicle. It was almost 12 am when I reached home, but I was happy!

I just wanted to have a good sleep......I looked for the keys....only to realise....................................
I had left the keys with the bloody hotel manager."

P.S - This is a fictional story of a GUY and not MY story.


Risha said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

deathofmyangel said...

oh gawdd!!!
lmao....seriously dude..

caapirighter said...

Risha, belated comment, i know..but thanks a lot!

Deathofmyel....Your first part of the comment made me very happy...thanks :)
but the second part left me furious! Dude...pls call me dudette!!

Lazy Lavender said...

Sorry if I sound naive, but did this really happen??

caapirighter said...

Hi Lazy lavender, thanks for visiting.

No you don't sound naive. This is a fictional story...thankfully :D