Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cliche dialogues mein twist!

Well, most of the dialogues seems so cliche. Like the famous one..."I'm not fired, I quit." Well I'm giving you some also includes dialogues that can make you lose your job.

Read on...

>> "You are fired as my Boss."
>> "I don't think your company has enough caliber to employ me"
>> As your Boss goes ahead, take a nut bolt from your pocket, drop it, pick it up and say "Boss, this just fell from your head"
>> "Boss, I bought you this knee cap to protect your brain"
>> "Everytime I see you, my middle finger becomes erect."
>> "I don't want to get infected by your stupidity any more"
>> "You're family is lucky don't live there."
>> "I can't work for pre-historic people anymore. I've woken up from my hibernation."
>> "I've found a new the swimming pool.........of India's first All Women Swimming"
>> "Boss...get me some Coffee. Quick! Don't just stand there....move you big ass. Go!"

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