Thursday, June 21, 2007

How weird do these sound

1. Client Servicing-
"I just love to take his briefs*"

2. Manager-
"We'll touch it tomorrow."

3. Interviewer-
"So when did you pass out?"

4. Mathematician-
"Lets multiply"

5. Dentist-
"Tell me if it's sensitive if I touch you there"

6. Cricketer-
"We have to learn to catch balls properly"

7. Chemist-
"I specialize in finding F-centres**"

8. Musician-
"I love playing my organ"

9. Travel agent-
'Go to places you've never been'

10. Teacher-
"I want you to open up to me"

11. Customs Officer in an Airport-
"Open the zip, I want see everything"

12. Owner of a chicken farm-
"Where's my cock?"

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