Thursday, June 21, 2007

Politics Employment ads

No one wants to join politics. This has left political parties worried, as they won't have a future if no one joins.
So all political parties started giving Employment Ads to get a few young people on board.

Here are a few ads of a few political parties-

Communist Party of India -
"Strike a career with us."

Job Requirements- Must have a loud voice to make the left noise.

Job Qualifications- Striking performance in previous jobs.

How to apply- Walk-in to the nearest dharna point.

"We phully beleeve in apnapan. Public money is our money."

Job Requirements- Follow the leader.

Job Qualifications- Sud not have more than 50 cirimnal cases against you. Condisuns relaxed for surname 'Yadav'

How to apply- If not know to reed and rite, caal us. If know to reed and rite caal us. Please kidnap a few phriends(dost) for this job too.

Congress I-

"Brought the country where it is today. Its your turn to take this further"

Job Requirements- Speaking about Secularism, Sacrifice, minorities, caste and reservations.

Job Qualification- A graduate (not compulsary). Must have sound knowledge about "Occult
business dealings". Proficiency in Italian added advantage. Should not know the meaning of
sacrifice. Will recieve 1 month's training for it.

How to apply- Walk-in 10 Janpath for an interview. Walk-in for Appointment letter if name
includes 'Gandhi' or willing to change.

"Took 5 years to do, what Congress did in 50 years. Join the rage."

Job Requirements- Hindutva, Hindutva, Hindutva, laying (roads, telephone lines and foundation for temples, if you thought otherwise...DON'T APPLY, you would be a disaster to our cause)

Job Qualification- Expertise in Hindutva. Prodigy in geography concerning 'janmabhoomis'. Basic knowledge of temples of India handy. Demolition experts welcome.

How to apply- Walk-in to any shakha with this ad.

"We'll bring sunset to yevery non-Tamizhian with ower rysing sun. If you haave the fire yinside you, jaain us."

Job Requirements- Should haave the fanaatism to go to the Sun and sue yit for naat rising from
Tamizh Nadu.

Job Qualifications- Yeverything concerning Tamizh...wonly

How to apply- Send a Tamil poem to the Sun.

"Been an Amma to Tamil Nadu, more like a step, for success"

Job Requirements- Do whatever Amma asks you to do.

Job Qualifications- Missing spine, with a dormant brain, Must be Amma's pet.

How to apply- Crawl into Amma's residence.

....will post more as I find it. If you have seen a few, please do share.


Anonymous said...

how dare you make fun of DMK and tamilian accent that too living in chennai. We have complained to Google and have got your address 14A Jayalakshmi Flats.....chennai ! Our partymen will make sure your place is trashed beyond recognition !

caapirighter said...

You are from DMK? How dare you write in English i say??
I will complain to Kalaignar...I say!