Thursday, June 21, 2007

What I thought adult life would be like, what's the reality

When we were kids, we often dream of job. We think, once when I reach the job,I'll be my own BOSS, I don't have to obey anyone(we think this often when we do our Home work). I can do whatever I like.

It seems funny to think that how we think we'd lead our lives and how it has become. A comparison

1. Lots and lots of time for myself - Hardly! The only moments you can call your own is perhaps in the bathroom. It's almost 9 hrs of job. By the time you come back, all you want to do is sit and sleep. Sometimes you are stuck in thoughts with some problems of the office.

2. Living on chocolates, coke, pepsi, ice cream - when you reach this age you no longer want it coz either you start hating them or you say to yourself "not necessary", coz spending parents money is easy, spending your money(especially when your salary isn't anything to cheer about) is so tough.
...or you think it's not healthy become so worried that a chest pain due to gas makes us believe it's the first symptom of a heart problem( and then we avoid fat for a few days)

3. Movies every weekend- you mostly spend Saturday(if we get it off!) shopping for necessary items...and Sunday...mourning the fact that tomorrow's Monday and the grind begins!

4. No one to obey- this is something that we think while doing homework and you don't like obeying teachers. Well in a job there is another devil called BOSS....above me there's a creative head with a killer head, who kills all my good ideas. My job profile isn't about coming with great's about coming with ideas that my creative head likes.
And whatever you do........NEVER give a "brilliant idea". Coz initially there's hype and hoopla...everyone says "Thats beauuuudiful!"....and then as it gets delayed and then suddenly everyone feels "its too good to be it won't work" Then your ideas die a tragic much so that even you feel "that was dumb"

5. Leaving job when i like...taking one when i like- No one can afford it. It's easy to think that way.......but when you start looking for a job....these are the stages....

1. You fold your hand and say a cute prayer..."lord Vinayaga...please get me a job!"
2. You feel."how come every idiot that i knew got a job but me!
3. "Lord Vinayaga....please...i need a job...i'm desperate"
4. Lord Vinayaga...i'll break 2 coconuts"
5. Lord Vinayaga ...i'll break 10 coconuts...please get me a job"
6. I'll break 50
7. Get me a job or i'll break 100 skulls and tell police that you asked me to do it
8. Finally i have a job...let me stick to them like leach to blood until they discover me and throw me out.
9. Ok's not like i got the job due to you...i deserved it.

6. You'd spend money the way you like- If only you had enuff.....and that enuff is never met.

7. Do what I like to do- Your inner wishes go on a hibernation. You feel you'll revive it when all your needs are fulfilled....which means that it's not gonna come out of hibernation.

8. You'd live by your rules- Who cares there are rules are not....when there are want to break them, when there are none.....doing the 'stuff you wanted' ain't fun enuff.

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