Friday, January 16, 2009

Top 5 Reasons why Rahul baba SHOULD become PM

Reason # 5 -
He has unmatched intelligence -'s true! Just ask him what is 2+2. If he says any number between 1 and 177533361345, it would speak volumes about his wisdom accumulated over the years and his unquestionable leadership at the tender age of 38.

Reason #4 -
Dalit Empowerment - Rahul baba would wed Maya madam. Hopefully behenji would forget the hot seat after becoming the first lady.

Reason #3 -
A clean PM -
Rahul baba will not indulge in corruption, mud slinging, cheap politics, etc, etc, etc. Coz he has better things to nothing....the exact thing he did between exiting Harvard and entering Lok Sabha. Hey Congress sycophants...STOP! I am taking this from credible sources...see here. Maybe Pizza will become cheaper....

Reason #2 -
He would clear all illusions people have about the Congress - Congress ka haath...aam aadmi ke end of his rule....Aam aadmi ka middle finger Congress ke saath!

Reason #1 -
You would see this blog updated more frequently - Now that's the best reason of all!!!! Vote for Congress! Vote for Congress!*

* This is supposedly and widely believed to be a humor blog. Please think twice before voting!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ho hum didley dum

Tamil Nadu is a state known to think ahead of its times...the bureaucrats we have are very functional. Just check out the Registration page of Tamil Nadu Electricity Board to pay bill online!*

* I absolutely do not intend any humor in this. It is high time society started treating trans gender. Yes, the only humor intended is the fact that a government organisation that is taking the first step! Infact Star Vijay airs a show hosted by a trans gender. Check it out here.