Monday, August 24, 2009

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Politeness for modern homo sapien sapien sapien

Lessons in politeness is indeed, need of the hour! Here's help ;) Try saying the ones below, instead of the ones above.

"You're so stupid!"
Your talents lie in unconventional departments.

"Lazy bitch"
You lack motivation.

"Learn to drive faster you snail"
I believe your vehicle has the potential to speed up.

"Get out of my way!"
I believe the space you are leaving for me is inadequate.

"You fatty!"
Your circumference is above average.

"Stop whining"
You are overwhelming me with your emotions.

"You're wrong asshole"
My knowledge tells me that you might have deviated a little from facts.

"Go, fuck yourself"
You could use a little Art of Living Classes.

"I hope you rot in hell"
May you get what you deserve.