Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sunday, December 27, 2009

My forensic analysis

It was the most boring traffic jam in T.Nagar. It seemed like I was stuck for eternity. Then I glanced at the passengers sitting on the bike in front of me. It was a guy and a gal. The gal had long hair, which she had let it loose.

My mind began my forensic analysis. She was in her I assumed that she was a bit modern, though from middle class as she was plump...and dint care about her figure.

Then I noticed scratches in her hand ....I noticed how deep they were and there were 2 distinct lines.....someone must have cut her hands. I presumed that she lived alone with her husband. They hardly talked.

I saw it all and came to the conclusion. The man must be a merciless woman beater!! They must have had a fight. The wounds were fresh. They must have had a fight yesterday night. The sore loser must have lost the argument. To feel superior, he must have tried to injure her. Heck, he must have cut her hand with a blade!!

Bloody, friggin...asshole. Men! Why should they treat women like dirt? But one day they will learn. One day, women will rise. The day women listen to their inner heart. Fire will wrath. The fury will burn men to nothing.

I wanted to make a serious dent on his a punishment against my community. The traffic started clearing. I made my he would accelerate...I would ACCELERATE and hit him from behind. He would look back....but by that time...I would have already be ahead of him....lost in the swarm of traffic. Yes! I could finally figure out the purpose of my existence...the torchbearer of Women Empowerment. I felt like a big accomplisher already.

Traffic cleared. He started riding slowly.

Just when I was about to race my accelerator to make a dent...the man in front turned back and asked the 'woman' "Brother, where is the petrol bunk?"