Sunday, August 26, 2007

Random Thoughts...

1. I HATE latecomers, that's why I reach office after them.

2. Ise padhne wale tera mooh kala

3. How cold do I have to be to become cool?

4. 99% of all inventions are accidents. The rest 1% is called 'discovery'.

5. If you want someone to hate you, simply tell them "You are wrong."

6. Reading this blog may cause serious mental paralysis.

7. Wasn't it God who created sin?

8. A hacker is always more intelligent than the programmer.

9. Being early never helps the worm.

10. Necessity is the mother of everything.

11. Living is injurious to health.

12. When we test we become Testers, when we we become posters?

13. If quiz is quizzical....test is...

14. How come stupidity embarrasses you brilliantly?

15. How did life happen with just few bunch of chemicals?

16. What if a meteor is coming towards the earth right now??

Friday, August 17, 2007

NEWS Deewar remix

A husband and wife are having a tussle over remote control. Husband wants to watch NEWS, wife wants to watch the film Deewar.

This is what the neighbour, ignorant about the fight, heard from the T.V....

Poorva Rashtapati Abdul Kalam ji ne is baat ka khulasa kiya ki unhone Office of Profit Bill isliye sign kiya tha, kyonki Manmohan Singh ne poocha ki - Bhai tum sign karte ho ki nahin

Mananeeya mantri Shree Arjun Singh ne kaha ki - mera baap chor hai.

Mayawati ne Mulayam se kaha ki - Aaj mere paas gaadi hai bangla hai, dulat hai....tumhare paas kya hai?

Atal Behari Vajpayee ji ne kaha ki Rahul Gandhi ke paas rajneeti mein safal hone ke liye kuch nahin hai, jiske uttar mein unhonen kaha ki - Mere paas Ma hai!