Friday, March 5, 2010

...And Top 5 things your mom would never wanna hear!

1. (Guy or gal) "Mom...I'm gay"

2. (Gal) "Mom...I'm pregnant"

3. (Gal) "Mom...I'm pregnant and the guy is not of our religion."

4. (Guy) "Mom...I'm in love with a gal...she's from Somalia and ummm....her dad is a politician"

5. (Guy) "Mom....I'm taking part in Rakhi ka swayamvar Part II."
OR (Gal) "Mom...I'm taking part in Rahul Phirse Dulhania Le Jayenge...stipulated to air 1 year from now."

And....a bonus

6. (Guy or gal) "Mom....I want an operation done to enhance my's umm....errr....a sex change operation."

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Top 5 Questions you wish your parents wouldn't ask

1. "Why are they blurring that man's fingers?"

2. "What are Gay Rights? Is government going to tax us for being happy?"

3. "Now why do we need to subscribe to FTV, when you are not a fashion designer?"

4. "What movie were you watching yesterday after locking your door?...."But why did you lock your door for that?"

5. "What work were you discussing with your 'boss' till 1 AM?"