Thursday, September 30, 2010

Explaining snake in the CWG village's room

Apparently a snake was found in the Commonwealth Games village's room, occupied by South Africans. A few logical explanations...

1. If donkeys and monkeys can be in the Organizing Committee....why can't a snake be in one of the rooms.

2. The snake smelled a rat in CWG.

3. It was part of the entertainment troupe of the snake charmer's band....but the snake charmers left, coz Kalmadi asked them to do their duty for free.

4. The snake was depressive/suicidal...and was counting on the room's ceiling to die.

5. Snakes, mosquitoes, cockroaches....everything was part of the deal...the Chef de Missions should have read the fine print.

6. The room was originally meant for Chinese...and the snake was a surprise snack.

7. It was for security reasons....really!

8. It was actually Kalmadi disguised as a snake....trying to avoid questions like "What exactly did you do as the Chairman of OC?", or "What exactly did you do as the Chairman of OC?" or the journalists' personal favourite "What exactly did you do as the Chairman of OC??"

9. The snake was protesting the fact that it wasn't given a good land compensation.

10. It was all about language barrier. Anyone in the OC (except Kalmadi) must have told the worker to fill the cupboard with "snacks" and the worker must have interpreted it as "Fill the cupboard with snakes". Not only our sense of hygiene....our sense of pronunciation is very different too!

Anyone got any other explanation???

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